Wednesday, December 02, 2015
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photo of tahune hut

Located at 965 metres on the north east shore of Lake Tahune in the Frenchman's Cap National Park (as it was, now part of the SW NP). The hut is sheltered by the cliffs of Frenchman's Cap and overlooks the Franklin River valley. In good weather it has arguably the most spectacular view of any hut in the country. Grid: 039 198.

Photo: David Sisson, 2004


Photo: Barry Ford, 1957

photo of walkers at lake tahune hutIn 1940 Ray Livingston lobbied for a hut to be built at Lake Tahune, but wartime shortages and his death in 1943 meant that nothing happened until after the war.

Jack Thwaites had continued to lobby for the hut and the Scenery Preservation Board commissioned a local sawmiller, Cliff (an apt name for the location) Bradshaw to build the hut. He was assisted by mill hands and his sons Bernie and Henry. The hut was mostly built in 1946 and completed in January 1947 after a bumper snow season had broken the hut's ridge pole.

The Bradshaw's had tried to carry a six foot long crosscut saw along the overgrown track but soon abandoned it and instead built the hutfrom palings split on site from the only suitable tree, a King William Pine. Bernie recalled that they made a number of trips to the site but 'were chased out by the weather a couple of times, รข