Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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The birds have all flown to roost in the tree,
The last cloud has just floated lazily by,
But we never tire of each other, not we,
As we sit there together - the mountains and I!

        Li Po, AD 705-762

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My first introduction to camp cooking came as a shattering surprise. I was handed a large mug in which was my whole dinner, three different kinds of soup tablets, a tin of tomato soup, various kinds of spaghetti and baked beans, and a minute portion of some kind of stew, all thrown in together. The soup was one temperature, and the beans and spaghetti seemed about 400deg. F. higher. I decided then that it would be a good idea if I had a hand in this cooking myself.

Shirley Hull (Houskeeping in a Ski Hut, 1948)

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