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How do I book a hut?

There is no booking system except for a few managed by NPWS. It gets very busy during long weekends,

Sleeping space is first in - first served, but you must share the hut with anyone else that may come along,

Always take a tent in case you can't find a hut or it is full or damaged.

Which huts can be booked?

Currango Homestead - Tantangra Dam

Wolgal Hut - Kiandra

Yarrangobilly Caves House

All can be booked through the NPWS Tumut Visitors Centre:
The Old Butter Factory, Adelong Road, Tumut, NSW 2720
(02) 6947 1849

Link to NPWS Accommodation website

Who can use the huts?

Absolutely everyone - you are welcome, provided that you respect the space and leave it as you found it, or even cleaner!

And you must share the hut and fireplace with anyone else who arrives.

If you do not like rats you may prefer to sleep in your tent.

What facilities are there?

Often none.

Most have a small water hole or stream nearby.

Most have a stove for heating and a bush saw for cutting wood.

Most have a broom for cleaning up.

Many have a toilet a short walk away, take your own toilet paper.

Where can I get water?

Most huts have a small stream nearby.

A collapsable container is handy to carry water back to the hut.

Some huts have buckets.

In popular areas and during low water flow periods, you should treat the water if you can't boil it for drinking.

Can I light a fire in them?

Yes, in stoves and fireplaces, except during Park or Total Fire Bans, check with NPWS before leaving home.

Keep fires small to prevent the chimney timbers from catching alight.

Of course you will fully extinguish any fire with water before you leave the hut.

During Total Fire Bans, the State Government regulations state that because you do not have a ready source of running water in the hut, you cannot use camping stoves with a naked flame.

May I collect firewood?

Yes, but don't go overboard,

Only use dead wood - green wood is alive and growing, and does not burn easily,

Avoid leaving unsightly branch stumps which might spoil the view from the hut,

Only cut what you will burn during your stay,

Leave some wood behind for the next visitors, in case they arrive in bad weather, enough for one night and a bit more for drying wet logs if necessary. Having to cut your own wood is the best form of wood fuel conservation.

Only leave a small bundle of kindling and, of the remainder, nothing else less than 2" diameter, please use the wood box if there is one.

Please do not leave huge piles of fine kindling with leaves still on them in the hut!


Where can I find the information  about visiting the huts?

The Hut Visitor code has lots of information, see here.

The Australian Alps National Parks website also a very good guide.


Where can I get mobile phone reception?

The more modern phones can get reception over a lot of the park, on top of the higher peaks is good.



How do I join?

See the membership page here.

Please provide an email address if possible so we can contact you later if necessary.

How can I check my membership?

Login in to the website, and click the membership menu. 

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 When are fees due?

All members fees are due on 1 July of each year. A reminder is sent to members with email addresses.

I have moved house. Where can I update my address so that I continue to receive the newletter?

Once logged in to the website, address, phone numbers and email can be updated on the User Profile pages.

If I am injured and require an ambulance, do I have to pay for it?

Yes! unless you have private ambulance insurance cover.

And if you require evacuation, you won't be the person making that decision, you will still have to pay the bill!

See the government private heath insurance site here.



 How do I get a login/password?

Logins are for members only. You will be sent details when your membership has been processed.

If you are already a member and do not know your login details, email This has probably occured because we do not have a valid email address for you.

I have lost my password and/or user name.

You can have the system automatically reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Login" text under the Login button.This will generate an automatic email to you with a new password.

If you do not get an email, we do not have a valid email address for you. Send a message to, and we will fix it.

What happened to the forum?

The old public forum has now become a forum for members only. If you are logged in, you will be able to see what is happening now, and participate in discussions.

I offered to help once but got knocked back!

Email immediately and we will give you a job!

Turn up at an AGM in May and introduce yourself..

KHA is run entirely by unpaid volunteers with full-time day jobs and families.

Many current committee members have been actively involved for well over a decade.

The committee are particularly concerned about succession planning; who will take over the running of the organisation in the future?

Any little bit helps, no job is too small...

Any more questions? email

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