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Public articles about Mt Bogong and Cleve Cole Hut

Kira's poem

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Bogong 2009 poem, written by our visitors the injured Kirra and three mates

I have written it out as written by them spelling mistakes included.

This goes out to the Koreans!

I was at this Cleve Cole pad,

Hanging out with 5 strapping lads

They’re from the Bogong club

It may as well be a pub

They like to fart a lot

That’s why its so dam hot

It smells a bit like gas

Does that make me sphinctermonoius?

Where do you start

When you hear a great big fart

It could be Bugal with his curse

He could trumpet any verse

Or VC Clydesdale

He’s sure to leave the hut smelling stale

If Dutchee lets one go

Youre surly gonna know

Or Pit-eman Grossen farten

The smell worsens by the carton

Finally there’s bluestone

Your’e not gonna miss his smelly tone

Now for those in the Arena

I’m sure you can’t wait for the air to be cleaner

But we sure couldn’t ask for a better group of men

To spend time in this pimpin den

August 2009

Kira being rescued