(Updated: 1 Sep 2020)

The NPWS and ACT PCS have confirmed that 17 huts and buildings have been lost in the 2020 bushfires in the Kosciuszko National Park (KNP), including the Kiandra precinct, and the Namadgi National Park (NNP).

The following are structure that KHA caretakers assist the NPWS and ACT PCS with ongoing maintenance.


11 structures have been lost to the bushfires:


  • Linesmans No3 (1950) - Fifteen Mile Spur
  • Linesmans No3 (1980) - Fifteen Mile Spur
  • Vickerys Hut
  • Delaneys Hut
  • Happys Hut
  • Brooks Hut (still standing but badly burnt)
  • Bradley and O’Briens Hut
  • Four Mile Hut
  • Round Mountain Hut (returned to KHA Aug 2020)


  • Max & Bert Hut
  • Demandering Hut


2 structures have survived the fires but have sustained damage:


  • Tantangara Mountain Hut (Harveys)
  • Jounama Homestead (ruin)



KHA Huts and Caretakers, by HMO areas, can be accessed on the website. Login and go to:

Members Area > Huts > Caretakers

These lists now include the impact of the 2020 bushfires on each structure.


Bushfires Reconstruction Sub-committee

Rebuilding and recovery will be a long and difficult process that must be undertaken in cooperation with the NPWS & ACTPCS. Initially they will be working to open up safe access to the parks, with a particularly focus on those areas usually accessible to the public.

The Committee has created a new Bushfires Reconstruction Sub-committee. This sub-committee, listed below, can be contacted by email through the new email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • Simon Buckpitt
  • Pip Brown
  • Peter Charker
  • Jean Montgomery
  • Marion Plum
  • Simon Plum


Progress Report 30 Jun 2020

The Committee appreciates that information on what is happening with the destroyed huts may not be occurring as quickly as some people would like.  We ask for your patience.  This will be a long involved process that will span many years.


NSW NPWS has done the initial rapid heritage assessments of most of the destroyed huts.  These assessments have been provided to the KHA Bushfire Reconstruction Sub-Committee and subsequently circulated to affected caretakers by the HMOs. These assessments are only the starting point. 

In the coming months, NPWS will commence a consultation process with affected caretakers and groups with strong heritage connections to the mountains.  We ask affected caretakers to be be patient and persistent.  We need to make sure your views and the views of those with heritage connections are clearly heard and captured in the consultation.  Consultation will take at least a year, and actual reconstruction works are not expected to commence until 2022.


The KHA Bushfire Reconstruction sub-committee has meet with the Namadgi National Park (NNP) Manager, Brett McNamara.  ACT uses a different process to NSW and the Sub-Committee is currently working with the ACT Government people to ensure we are adequately consulted.

Caretakers and Members

KHA's objective is to see all the huts reconstructed.

If you are a caretaker looking after a hut that has been destroyed by the fires and you have not yet heard directly from your HMO, we ask that you contact both your HMO and the Bushfire Reconstruction Sub-Committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as soon as possible.

Caretakers and KHA members who are interested in helping out with reconstructions when they occur please ensure you have your Whitecard and that you are registered on the NSW Volunteer Information Portal (see above) or the ACT Parkcare portal, as appropriate.


Progress Report 10 Aug 2020

Post Fire Reconstructions - NSW

The initial stage of NPWS engagement with the KHA Committee on a way forward has been completed and NPWS are now into the detailed engagement phase with the Caretakers of damaged huts.  NPWS surveys have been sent to caretakers (through HMOs) as part of this process.  Thank you to those who promptly returned them.

At 3pm on Thu 13 Aug, NPWS will hold an online meeting with the caretakers of affected huts and the KHA bushfire reconstruction sub-committee.  If you are a caretaker who has not been contacted about this then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP

Post Fire Reconstructions - ACT

The KHA Committee has engaged the ACT Government through post fire forums and through both community engagement and heritage consultants.  The President, HMO Support, HMO Namadgi, caretakers, descendants of the hut builders, and hut users have consistently represented the view that the huts should be reconstructed like for like.  Verbal representation has been made to the Minister.  There is not much more we can do so we need your help.

The ACT PCS position is different to this. ACT PCS preference is not to rebuild but to install interpretative type facilities.  It is not clear what this means.

Do you want to help out with reconstructions?

If yes, then please ensure you have a whitecard and that you have registered on the NPWS Volunteer Information Portal or the ACT Parkcare Hub, as appropriate.  If you don't have a whitecard KHA will reimburse members for obtaining one from your local provider (e.g. TAFE). 


Progress Report 1 Sep 2020

Caretakers of destroyed huts met with NPWS online on the 13 Aug.  NPWS described the process and gave a rough indication of timelines.  Whilst NPWS has committed to the process in the Huts Conservation Strategy of 2006 they haven't yet arrived at a decision on what huts will be reconstructed.

In the ACT the Committee has written to the Minister seeking assurance that the huts will be reconstructed but indications to date are that this will likely not occur.  The Committee will continue to engage with the ACT Government and opposition but we need your help.  This is an election year and the weight of public opinion is important.  If you would like to see the huts rebuilt please write to:

ACT Minister for Environment and Heritage -  Mick Gentleman


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

post: GPO Box 1020, Canberra, ACT 2601 

ACT Shadow Minister for Heritage - Nicole Lawder

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Post: GPO Box 1020, Canberra, ACT 2601