Elyne Mitchell, How Grey Mare got it’s name - from her book “Australia’s Alps” 1942.

I wondered where the grey brumby mare had been caught whose name is perpetuated round these hills? She was a beautiful mare and, for a very long time eluded all efforts of the miners or stockmen to catch her.

I could imagine them thundering after her over the grassy hilltops till she vanished, a grey streak, into the friendly timber; or hiding herself in the ghostly gullies thick with dead snow-gums, where her colour would blend with the colour of the trees. I thought of the talk in the hut at nights at the splendid mare so long pursued. Eventually she was caught by one rider, more intrepid than his “cobbers”, and he tamed her wildness enough to put a halter on her, and tied her to the horse-yard fence near the hut. When he returned from his work he found that the mare, fighting her captivity, had leapt the fence to escape and had hung herself. That is how the Grey Mare got its name. On some old maps the two peaks are still known as the Granites.

[PP 159-160]