From the KHA archives, on the 1980 NPWS proposal to demolish 18 huts.

Allan Moult, 'Kosciusko huts: the countdown has started', Outdoors, September 1 980, pp. 6 1-64.

"Now the huts are under threat again. A new management review proposes the demolition of 18 huts and carefully builds up a case for the eventual demolition of many more."

The full .pdf copy of the original can be downloaded from this link. 1.7MB


Extract from "Early days of the upper Murray" - Jean Carmody.


The waters of the Khancoban Pondage (or dam) now cover much of the land which Reuben Sheather and his stepsons, the Scammell brothers, owned in the Khancoban Valley. 

Two interviews with people who lived and worked in the Pilot Wildeness, south of Thredbo.

The 2003 AGM was a seminal event in KHA history. It marked the reinvention of KHA as the cultural heritage conservation organisation it always was but never acknowledged.

From Dalgety to Paupong - A look at the history of the Dalgety area and what one can see on the road.

In 2005 caretaker Chris Slotemaker de Bruine wrote this history of Gooandra's amazing conservation: