This page lists all the historical sites. More sites are in the process of being prepared for publication. 

Established by Alfred Luttrell in 1889, the claim comprises two distinct areas of ground sluicing activity covering an area ~200 x 50m x 5-6m deep running along the contour. The northern sluice area and its tailrace remain reasonably intact albeit overgrown, the southern sluice area has been reworked, levelled and grassed during sand mining and soil conservation works c1960.

Alternative names: Robyns Tunnels, Dainton & Bishops, Harmans, Harmons, Giandra, Gianderra

Glennie was a Scotsman who enjoyed the cool mountain weather, and resided in the hut for 45 years whilst working ground sluicing claims in the Four Mile Valley. He made a reasonable return and moved into Kiandra upon his retirement c1910. The hut became a ruin during the 1920s-30s.