Photo of Leo ByattLeo Byatt was famous as a cattle grazier who regularly took his mob up the long spur the alpine meadows around Mt Kosciuszko.

Messrs Pierce, Hannell and Rogers paid to have the track up Hannells Spur cut in the first instance. Leo Byatt and Tex Webber worked for the Nankervis family for many years, about 70 years ago.. Jim Nankervis recalls that Byatts camp was at the top of Hannels spur track, near a little creek above "terrible thick tea tree scrub at the edge of the timber", "a fairly steep camp with a few stones for a fireplace". (Information from Jim Nankervis, Dec 2008)

Photo courtesy of Greta Jones, sister-in-law to Jim Nankervis.

Profile updated 6 June 2009.