From the Valentine Hut Logbook.

One fine wintry morning two lovers set out,


To ski the white hills to the Valentine Hut.

This sonnet's in part about Mona and Bill,

Those ardent young lovers, out for a thrill.


The tracks were all ancient, their hopes rose as one,

That the Valentines Hut would be theirs alone.

Their bodies were limber and ther passion was strong,

And the nights in the Brassys are so cold and so long.


As they came to Duck Creek and Mona kissed Bill,

Two gnarly old codgers came over the hill.

With packs that were heavy, but travelling fast,

"It's great to be out here!" they said as they passed.


 The youngsters agreed but with gritted teeth now,

Their great expectations were dashed in the snow.

Their evening with Fatso would not now unfold,

As they opted instead to camp in the cold.


That night it was long, but a sonnet is terse,

And the rest of this story is X rated verse. *


*Available on request to consenting adults for a modest subscription.