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The huts in the high country were built by stockmen, prospectors, recreational fishermen, skiers and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority to meet their accommodation, shelter, recreational and hydrology needs at the time. Many of these huts have been lost through fire and decay, but around120 of them still remain. These are now cared for co-operatively by KHA and the Park Services.


The Hotel Kosciuszko burnt in 1953, leaving Sponar's Inn - the original staff quarters - standing.

 Reflections: Boyce Bootes revisits Happy's hut after 69 years.

From Australia ICOMOS International Movement on Monuments and Sites

A new version of the Burra Charter has been adopted and launched by Australia ICOMOS.

Charlie Carter is known to have lived in three locations in the Snowy Mountains, Ingeegoodbee, Snowy Plain and the Tin Mines. Henry Willis believes the hut was built in the later 1930's.

The NSW Governement maintains a database of sites and buildings listed under the state Heritage Act.

Shirley McGufficke, Memories of Dead Horse hut, written 1989.

Dead Horse Hut was built by Nankervis Bros 60 odd years ago. 

Bob Guy - musician and KHA committee member - has written and performs this song in appreciation of Bob Hughes, the builder of 4 Mile Hut.

Dick Schofield was one of the builders of Gavel's Hut. Dicks recollections add a little more to our records of the skills of dog trappers.

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Extract from "Early days of the upper Murray" - Jean Carmody.


The waters of the Khancoban Pondage (or dam) now cover much of the land which Reuben Sheather and his stepsons, the Scammell brothers, owned in the Khancoban Valley. 

The "Dunbar" was an immigrant ship that sank in Port Jackson Harbour in 1857. There was one survivor out of  59 crew and 63 passengers. 

Two interviews with people who lived and worked in the Pilot Wildeness, south of Thredbo.