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Alan Bunsell has been the Honorary auditor for the KHA for the past fifteen years - probably far longer than anyone has held an office with KHA.

I know that over recent years, when I have been involved in KHA's financial management, Alan has always conducted a prompt and efficient audit of our books. He has even organised the production of multiple copies of the financial statements for us to distribute at our AGM. He does this as a matter of course.

When he delivered this year's statements, Alan advised me that he wished to have a break from KHA auditing. After fifteen years that is a very reasonable request. When I reported this to the Committee they unanimously suggested that Alan should be made a life member for his significant contribution to KHA over many years. I could not agree more.

Bill passed away 2 March 2009.

Bill was famous as a bushman who spent a lot of time looking for the most remote huts in Victoria in his 4WD. Bill personally went searching for huts or ruins that had not been seen for many years. He was one of life's real charcters, and though never a member of KHA, did more for it than many other long time members.

Profile last updated 24 January 2010.

allan bendall 2 02Allan is long time member of KHA and a past HMO for the Northern Area of KNP. Alan prefers to spend his time in the bush, maintaining huts, and is renowned for his work with an adze.

He also has a personal interest in the Bush Fire Brigade.



After Long and Arduous Search and Journey


A grim story of police patrol work as well as of neighbourly co-operation lies behind the disappearance of Mr. C. W. Rugman of Banoon, Paupong, the search for him extending over a fortnight in bitter weather in country as rough and wild as any in the State, the finding of his body in the Snowy River in an almost inaccessible section, and the carrying of his remains on foot by bush stretcher, over ten miles of broken rocky bush country to Mr. P. J. Spellmans home at Reedy Creek.


The following is an interview with Henry Ball dated 2nd August 1892. (Henry would have been 66 years old.)

From the correspondent: Mr. Veritas, ''Monaro Mercury" 1892 (Perkins MS 936/1/20)

Adaminaby is 15 miles from Mrs Harnetts Station ( Eucumbene ), before the door was a large lake swarming with wild fowl: approaching the town, there are some nice farms, among the most attractive is that of Mr Henry Ball, whose wheat fields, pretty cottages and hay stacks showed amidst a cluster of trees.

charles warnerBurwood Scout Group, which also produced Len Beadell, writer of several books, and surveyor and builder of roads in Central Australia (including the Gunbarrel Highway), nurtured Charles'

Photo of Alf Sinfeld and Barbara SeymourBarbara is a KHA Member and our long serving KHA Newsletter Editor. Barbara is well known for her bushwalking exploits and is seen here with partner, Alf, at Lovenest Hut near Tantangara Dam.

Barbara was made a Life Member of KHA in May 2004, with a citation from Maurice Sexton, extolling her considerable virtues in organising and building the KHA Newsletter each year since 1998.

Barbara was elected President of KHA in 2012.

Charlie Carter

Charlie Carter was one of the most extra-ordinary characters from the Kosciusko area. He lived almost his entire life in the mountains, firstly at the Gungarlin River then down on the Ingeegoodbee River.

For the last 20 years of his life he resided at the Tin Mines where he was a hermit, miner, philosopher, author and rabid anti-communist. 

Like many of the Chinese workers who first came to Kiandra and Central Gippsland, plus other places in the Mountains in the 1800s, Bill Ah Chow is not as well known as he should be.

Clement Wragge was truly an extraordinary person, and is probably best known as a surveyor and meterologist.

Photo of Bill KerwinGwen Hubert (nee Wellsmore) has sent the attached photo of Bill Kerwin at the door of the hut he used when looking after stock in the Dainers gap area.

It is one of two huts we know existed there and is likely to be the one just west of the Rainbow Lake track (David Scott advice).
Below is some of what Gwen has written as a preliminary record:

Photo: Bill Kirwan, Date Unknown. Courtesy of Gwen Hubert.

Farewell Daphne Curtis

KHA members will be saddened to hear of the passing of Daphne Curtis. Daphne, a former resident of what is now Namadgi National Park, was a good friend of KHA and a person passionate about the mountains.

Daphne was born in Cooma in 1939, eldest daughter of Tom Reid and Flossie nee Venables. She attended Shannons Flat School and later took up nursing. Daphne married grazier Colin Curtis in 1961 and she and Colin raised their family at Mt Clear in Namadgi’s south (they usually referred to that whole southern area as simply Bobeyan).