Lots more information than you will find on Google maps 

Find out which roads are suitable for 2WD cars, or for cycle riding in summer.

Our Objectives

Our aim is to progressively and carefully provide Latitude and Longitude positions for all standing huts. 

Explains some of the science and technology behind GPS, and how to avoid errors.

This guide hopes to explain some of the reasons why readings can be so different, and how you can collect the most accurate locations possible.


The magnificence of the Australian outdoors on a sunny summer's day, can blind us to the reality, if bad weather hits.

This photograph was taken in April 1985 at Blue Lake, a time when snow is not normally expected. When the tent was pitched the evening before, the weather was fine and warm and there was no snow at all.

If anyone is interested in the geology of the region (and one of the webmasters is very interested) the resources below may help.

Comprehensive guide to the technology of GPS, purchsing a GPS receiver, and how to use it.

Published by NSW Department of Lands.


The attached PDF files are maps of the squatter's runs and homesteads from 1885 maps.

Published by NPWS.

Coverage of the Kosciuszko National Park only, not including Namadgi.

ParticipantsAn enthusiastic group of KHA members and NPWS personnel gathered at Currango over the weekend of 26th/27th May 2012 to attend the GPS Workshop.