What skills do I need that could be useful?

The key skill is to work safely. NPWS considers KHA volunteers to be the equivalent to building trades. The Workplace Health and Safety legislation applies to you, your direct supervisors and NPWS rangers who are 'Persons conducting a business or undertaking' PCBU. Knowing your limits, the limits of the tools and consumables you have on the job is very important. KHA has not suffered an accident on the workplace, and we want to keep it that way.

Working safely means communicating with the appointed supervisor, not rushing the job and not starting anything you cannot safely finish, the hut is not going anywhere. All people attending the workparty must be financial members of KHA, a NSW State Government requirement to be covered by NPWS' new volunteer third pary insurance requirement. Members should also hold a building construction white card which can be obtained via an online course. KHA can reimburse the cost of the whitecard itself, not any travel or accommodation expenses related to obtaining it.

If you have no skills you will still be welcome, especially if you can make a pot of tea in the bush! So workparties require walking to and camping near the hut, so being self sufficient with food and willing to travel in the workparty supervisior's car is improtant. NPWS restricts the number of cars that can travel to a hut so you will likely have to travel in the workparty supervisors car. Larger jobs with extensive works will be conducted by NPWS park workers and a roster of KHA workers is run, often only one KHA helper at a time.

KHA runs a regular 'woodskills workshop' this is a great opportunity to meet KHA caretakers and new skills.

If you have special trade skills we would love to hear from you.

How do I get a website login/password?

Logins are for members only. You will be sent details when your membership has been processed.

If you are already a member and do not know your login details, try the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" button.

If you do not receive email, tell the webmaster. This has probably occured because you registered with an old password you don't use any more or we do not have a valid email address for you.

I have lost my password and/or user name.

You can have the system automatically reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Login" text under the Login button. This will generate an automatic email to you with a new password.

If you do not receive the email, tell the webmaster. This has probably occured because you registered with an old password you don't use any more or we do not have a valid email address for you.

How do I change my password when logged in?

You can change most profile entries such as password, postal address or phone number from here.

Go to MEMBERS AREA - My Details. 


Place your mouse pointer over the Edit button just above where your profile picture is

see screenshot on the right -->

Then click Update your Profile


On the Contact Details tab, in the empty box labelled password,

type your new password, and type the same password in the Verify Password box, then scroll down to the bottom and click Update.

This will overwrite your old password. 


I want to renew my membership, but I cannot login in.

If your membership has expired by more than two months, you are prevented from loggin in to the website. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and ask to be enabled so that you can renew. As membership is due in July, you will be blocked from September on.


I would like to offer to help in some way

Email us immediately and we will give you a job!

Turn up at an AGM in May and introduce yourself.

KHA is run entirely by unpaid volunteers with full-time day jobs and families.

Many current committee members have been actively involved for well over a decade.

The committee are particularly concerned about succession planning; who will take over the running of the organisation in the future?

Any little bit helps, no job is too small...


How to bookmark the KHA website homepage

If you are typing 'KHA', 'khuts.org' or 'kha.org.au' into a box at the top of your browser, you're probably making a Google or Bing search, not telling your browser to open our home page. If you get a list of sites rather than the KHA hompage, then you are doing a web search, not telling your browser to open the KHA home page: e.g. 

kha bing search
kha bing search
kha google search
kha google search

Google and Bing do not put the KHA homepage at the top of the list of results because Google wants KHA to pay them to make that happen. While work is also being undertaken to improve web search results so that the KHA home page is among the results, there may be a better solution.

The KHA volunteer Admin Team suggests you create a browser bookmark for the KHA website. The KHA full web address or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is: https://khuts.org

It's easy, just follow these steps for whichever browser you are using: Internet Explorer (Microsoft Window); Safari (Apple Mac), or you may be using a Firefox or a Chrome browser.

Step 1. Make sure your bookmarks are displayed, click on the link below and select your browser

How to show the bookmarks or Favourites Bar

Step 2. Add the KHA homepage to the bookmarks bar, click on the link below and select your browser

How to create an internet favourite or bookmark

You must type in the KHA homepage address exactly as below:


Once you set up a bookmark you can just click that rather than make a Google search.