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Ordinary individual annual membership of the Kosciuszko Huts Association.

This entitles a member to receive the KHA Newsletter and provides third party insurance cover to KHA as required by the NSW State Government.

1 year for AUD 40.00

Reduced membership for full time students and pensioners.

1 year for AUD 30.00

Family membership residing at one address.

1 year for AUD 60.00

Group membership with less than 10 members attending KHA workparties or events.

1 year for AUD 100.00

Membership of a group or club with up to 20 members attending KHA workparties or events.

1 year for AUD 150.00

Membership of a group with between 20 and 50 active members.

1 year for AUD 200.00

Membership of a group with more than 50 active members.

1 year for AUD 250.00

Group which holds its own NSW Government indemnity insurance and validated by NPWS.

1 year for AUD 100.00

Donation to further the aims of the Kosciuszko Huts Association.

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Common Questions

1. What do I get?
KHA hut workparty participation, functions and activities.
NSW Government indemnity insurance.
Quarterly colour newsletter.
A copy of the KHA huts list.
Access to KHA resources such as books and maps.
Contact with other members with similar interests.
Opportunity to do something for yourself, which is also of value to all Australians.
2. What payment methods do you accept?
Bank transfer, cheque and online payments.
3. Where can I find the constitution?
A copy of the constitution can be found here.
4. Where do I find a membership form?
The form can be found here .
5. How can I renew online?
Renewing online is simple, provided you are not more than 1 month overdue. Simply log in and go to the Subscriptions tab on your profile.
6. What if I am more than 1 month overdue for renewing?
Your details are still held on our website, but you have been blocked from logging in. You will need to ask membership@khuts.org to unblock you.