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The ACT Government is to rebuild a slab hut on a property near the Hume industrial area in the ACT.

The property also has a small cottage on it, which will be available for community associations like KHA.

KHA is continuing discussions with the ACT government regarding the use of this facility. KHA will be involved in the construction.

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  • Early discoverers, Hume & Hovell 1824—
  • Early Graziers—heavy snow, loss of stock
  • Loss of life—body down mine shaft—unhappy coroner
  • Drover dies in snow storm—body shares bedroom
  • Kiandra Gold Rush—Brandy Mary’s enterprise and many more fascinating chapters.

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The Australian Alpine Club have posted some interesting heritage articles on their website including:

Two Tin Huts & a Heroic Snowy Mountain Crossing [takes you to the AAC's webpage]

These mention articles for the Australian Ski Yearbook which KHA has in it's collection.

You can peruse them at the following links:

Australian Ski Yearbook Articles

Australian Ski Yearbook - ACT, Victoria and Tasmanian Articles

botanical drawing of the hemlock poisonous plant

The Blue Waterholes on the head of the Goodradigbee River, is one of my favourite spots in KNP. I've visited it at least 20 times to camp, fish, explore and especially to walk down the limestone gorge, criss-crossing the water course to have lunch at the waterfall. On one visit I found that a Park Ranger had collected a group of about ten visitors to lead them on a conducted walk. I knew the ranger and she asked me to join the group - we could both give the commentary.




From Artur Baumhammer - the son of one of the builders.

When I perused the album “HISTORIC HUTS AND HOMESTEADS OF KOSCIUSZKO NATIONAL PARK” and came to pages 98 & 99, it certainly brought back many memories. My late father Willi Baumhammer and his two (2) offsiders were responsible for the erection and construction of the COOTAPATAMBA Hut and Gauging Station.

Have you thought about caretaking but don’t know where to start?

In recent months there has been a lot of interest from members wanting to become caretakers. Many like the idea of caretaking but are uncertain about what is involved and whether or not they have the skills and time to take on the job. Consequently whilst keen, they are also hesitant.

csiro 2 omoon 08102004

The purpose of our recent visit to the hut was to complete a visual inspection of the hut and to carry out a general tidy up in and around the hut.

I can report that the hut is obviously well cared for by visitors and that there was very little build up of tree fall around the building.

Of concern is the water which is entering the ceiling space above the front door.The stain is obvious but what is of real concern is the damage being done to the ceiling.

This is starting to sag and will in time cause a panel to drop.It is our intention to return in spring and fill the gap in the flashing ,which most likely, is to blame.

Not many people visit this hut but those that do express their appreciation for this little hut in the woods.



Caretaker, CSIRO Hut, Gungarlin Valley

Photo of Lake Claire or Russell TarnLake Claire (or Russell Tarn), mentioned in an article on Wragge's Observatory, is located between Mounts Townsend and Alice Rawson on the main range.

It is claimed to be the highest lake in Australia. More a swamp no doubt to the 10 year drought in the early 2000's

KHA's indefatigable Craig Doubleday, travelled there on behalf of fellow ski.com.au Backcountry Forum readers to take this photo.

Photo: Craig Doubleday 2007


Chimney and Fireplace Reconstruction Completed at Grey Mare Hut.

Photo of Grey Mare hut chimneyCraig Smith NPWS Ranger.

Three years ago KHA affiliated caretakers of the historic Grey Mare Hut, Brindabella Ski Club, initiated a work proposal for the replacement of the burnt out chimney frame and repairs to the stone fireplace that would improve the smoke draw.


The website has recently been updated to include a gallery of all the photos we have for each hut. 

Exploring the Jagungal Wilderness Cover

photo of book exploring jagungal wilderness by Robert Green
Robert Green has painstakingly researched the Jagungal Area, and released his book in hardcopy and as an e-book.






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