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Photo of wind damage to roof of Old Currango Homestead 11th february 2017
Photo of wind damage to roof of Old Currango Homestead 11th february 2017
On Saturday evening, 11th March, a wind storm hit the Currango area bringing down trees & damaging Old Currango.

* Three sheets of iron on northern verandah have completely gone

* Two sheets of iron on north-east corner of verandah have gone exposing old original shingles

* Chimney upright posts have been snapped off at the ground causing the chimney to collapse and making it unsafe.

 Of major concern is three 3 metre lengths of iron have gone to the wind from the main north-west roof over small bedroom, exposing large area of original shingles, a large number of which have unfortunately been lost. The whole main part of the roof including shingles, was also forced up and lifted.


KHA HMO North, David Mitchell and member Mark Vilskerts, are heading off midday tomorrow (Friday 17 Feb) to secure iron sourced enroute from Currango in order to weatherproof the roof as much as possible on Saturday.

We will also be disassembling the chimney due to it becoming detached from the homestead due to the upright chimney posts snapping off at the base.

Megan Bowden NPWS advised me the original iron was blown 50 metres east and tied in figure 8 knots. A significant number of the original circa 1870 shingles have blown a similar distance, scattered amongst the grass for someone to use as kindling.

Photo of old currango roof damage 11th february 2017
Photo of old currango roof damage 11th february 2017
old currango damage 3 feb17
old currango damage 3 feb17

Other damage:

  • front veranda iron lifted off blown 50m away, shingles 25m
  • chimney posts snapped at base being held by wire to roof
  • NW corner 3 sheets of iron & gutter ripped off, as well as shingles lost. Also shows evidence of wind getting under & lifting iron further up roof
  • NW corner inside showing hole caused my lost shingles
  • water damage to original wallpaper in main front bedroom
  • iron lifted off front verandah, as well as evidence of wind getting under & lifting iron further up roof

Megan Bowden NPWS sent me some photos of the damage.

All a bit sad after caring for the oldest building in the Park for more than 30 years

David Mitchell

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Caretaker - Old Currango