Kosciuszko National Park Huts

This was the home of Alfred and Latatia Aggett from about 1920 to 1932, then Gladstone and Elsie Quinn from 1933 to 1946.

Location Tantangara Plain, near to Blue Waterholes. Accessible from the Blue Waterholes firetrail or from the south.

Photo of Albina Hut photo Paul Shea of Kalymaro Ski ClubLocated orginally above Lake Albina, and to the north of Mt Townsend.

Photo ? Paul Shea mid 1960s June Queens Birthday long weekend.

Located on the southern side of the Cabramurra Road, and at the end of its own firetrail.

Located north of Kidmans Hut and south of Spencer Peak.

Located just below the turn off track to Blue Lake, in the saddle. The ruins are very visible today.

Located beside Blowering Dam near Tumut.

Located at Tantangara on the Boggy Plain.

Located beside the Perisher to Kosciusko Road.

Now a ruin, after demolition by the NPWS in 1987, following resumption of the private land and its inclusion in KNP.

Located just off the Perisher to Kosciusko Road? at the south end of a small ridge south of Betts Creek on the Kosciuszko Rd.

Boltons Hill was difficult to locate near the summit of a steep hill above Happy Jacks pondage, reachable by a fast down hill bicycle ride, or walk from the Cabramurra Rd, then a steep walk uphill. Destroyed in the 2003 fires.?