Year Built: 1930
Alternate Name(s): Spencers Creek Hut
Condition: Site

Located near Spencers Peak, west of Eucumbene Dam and in the east section of the Jagungal Wilderness.

Photo: Reet Vallack, 1975

Brief History

Moulds was built by RG Mould in 1930.

Moulds was one of two huts deliberately destroyed by fire, by NPWS officers in 1977, after a mis-interpretation of the policy at the time.

A request to be allowed to re-build the hut, was denied by the NPWS in 1978.

The toilet still stands!

Photo of Moulds Hut in nineteen seventy five
Photo of Moulds Hut in nineteen seventy five

Photo: Bruce Adams, 1975


Moulds was 5m by 4m and built or corrugated iron, with a dirt floor.


Last updated 23 November 2020