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Kells is a delightful hut, located at Emu Flat, off the Goobarragandarra Valley, in the far north of the KNP.

It can be accessed either from the Tumut side, or off the Brindabella Road, and down Barnetts Road and Boundary Road. The walk or drive to the hut is down a very steep hill, and requires a good vehicle or strong knees!

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Brief History

This hut was built by Wally Kell and Jack Venables in 1943. It was used all year round by the Kell family.

The Emu Flat area had seen a number of previous huts, usually built for mining, rather than grazing, as this hut was. Those huts are no longer visible, but the wide range of fruit trees in the valley indicate possible locations.

The Park resumed the area in 1973.


The hut is about 4m square, and is notable for both horizantal and vertical slabs, currently with breezy gaps between them. There is a wooden floor in good condition, and the chimney is iron above a footing of stones. There is a single window.

The hut received considerable renovation in the late 1990's, and currently contains some useful furniture.


  • KHA number 0303
  • KNP POM L.2.
  • A History Brief and Conservation Study exist for this hut.
  • See an extract from the Conservation Study, including a 1989 interview with Wal Kell.