Condition: Good

Photo of Schofields HutLocated on Tantangara Plain a few kilometres south of Circuits,

Photo: Olaf Moon, 1990

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Brief History

This hut was built in 1943 by Stan and Wally Scholfield for grazing purposes.

It is famous for two reasons, the first being the unique 16 pane window.

The second is that the fireplace smokes badly and has always done so! Desperate attempts to reduce the smoke have included putting a hole in the iron flue, to no avail.

It has to be replaced!


Schofields is 7m by 3m and built from sheet steel and corrugated iron. It has a wooden floor and that single window with 16 glass panes. The fire has a brick hearth, and narrow iron chimney.

Caretakers - KHA


  • Hueneke
  • The KHA Reference is 1309
  • KNP POM is L.112.
  • History notes exist.

Profile last updated 21 October 2006.