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Photo of the rebuilt Sawyers Hut
Photo of the rebuilt Sawyers Hut
Sawyers Hut is located at Sawyers Hill, near the Rocky Plains fire trail, and immediately beside the Snowy Highway. It is a popular rest stop for motorists. 

Photo David Mitchell, 2011

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Also known as Sawyers or The Rest House.

Brief History

Sawyers was part of a larger building, originally built in the early 1900s as a staging post for coaches on their way to Rules Point.

The hut was restored by the NPWS, but badly damaged in the 2003 fires. It was rebuilt in 2008-2009 by NPWS, and is now in excellent condindition. 


It is built of vertical wooden slabs, with a concrete floor and roof of iron. There is a fireplace and a chimney of stone and brick. With the exception of the concrete floor, the current construction is correct to the original design, despite it being used as a picnic shelter.

Caretakers - NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service


  • Hueneke P246
  • KHA reference number is 1402 and
  • KNP POM number is L.110.

    Profile last updated June 2011.