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Photo of the Washington Arms Hotel at Ravine

Located at Ravine, in the Lobbs Hole Valley, south of Yarrangobilly and East of Talbingo Reservoir. Great camping sites around here on the Yarrangobilly River.

Ravine 1:50 000 mapsheet

Photo: unknown 1912

Also known as Washington Arms Hotel

Brief History

Photo of hotel ruins
Photo of hotel ruins

The Hotel was built in 1874 and extended in 1905 to form a major complex serving the Lobbs Hole Mines and Kiandra road. Now a standing ruin of pise (mudbrick) walls.

Photo: Olaf Moon, 2001

Has an excellent large campsite(s) very nearby and across the river. There is also the clear remains of past mining at GR268379, plus a meterological station.


Mud brick and corrugated iron.


  • Hueneke Page xvii
  • KHA number 0901.
  • KNP POM L.17.
  • History Sheet available.
  • No Conservation Study as it is treated as a ruin.

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