Year Built: 1940
Alternate Name(s): Painters
Condition: Good

Located up the steep firetrail from Tooma Dam or from the north along the track from Gray Mare. Yet another hut lost in the 2003 fires.

Also known as Paynters or Painters.

grey hill cafe jim henderson 1989
grey hill cafe jim henderson 1989

J. Henderson - Purves Collection, 1989

Brief History

The original hut was built in the 1940's as a stockmans hut.

In the 1950s it was used by the SMA workers as a Cafe.

In the 1960s the skillion roof was blown off in a strong windstorm (some say deliberately removed) but was restored by John Paynter and friends. Others say the hut was completely rebuilt in a slightly different location.


The hut was small and about three metres square. It is corrugated iron over bush poles. The hearth and chimney are of stone, covered by corrugated iron.


  • Hueneke
  • KHA Reference is 2414 and the
  • KNP POM is L.67

Last updated 14 March, 2015.

After the fires, 2003 (Despite what the photo says....)