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Located beside Back River or Burrungubuggee River and south east of Kidmans hut.

The hut was burnt down in 1984. Burrungubugee Shelter stood 25 m to the north and Reids stood across the creek to the south. Tolbar Hut stood three Kms to the SSW.

Geehi Dam 1:50 000 mapsheet.

 Also known as Newtown Hut.


One of four, huts in this immediate vicinity, the others being Reids, Olivers and Tolbar, this hut was built about 1932. It was unusual at the time, having a raised wooden floor.

The Technology Ski Club took over maintenance of the hut in 1970 when it was in very poor condition, but it was burnt a few years later.


Vertical slabs, wooden floor and pitched timber shingled roof. A large stone fireplace overshadowed the end of the hut. It was 12 feet by 11 feet.

Caretakers - none.

Olaf Moon, year unknown
Olaf Moon, year unknown


 Hueneke P122.

  • Laurie Bell - pers comm.
  • KHA History Sheet
  • KNP POM L49.

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