Year Built: 1943
Alternate Name(s): The V Hut
Condition: Burnt
HMO: Jagungal

Brooks is located west of Eucumbene Dam, and north of Crooks Racecourse.

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Condition: Burnt

This hut was burnt down in the 2003 bushfires and rebuilt in 2008-9.

It sustained significant damage in the January 2020 fires, only the chimney structure now remains.

Brief History

The hut was built by Bill Brooks in 1945, for grazing. It may be confused with another listed at 367117, by Gatis Gregors in his thesis.


Brooks is 8m by 4.5m including the verandah. Its roof and walls are constructed of corrugated iron, and the floor is wood. The fireplace is substantial with a concrete hearth, mud mortared walls and iron. There is one window.


  • The KHA reference is 2501
  • KNP POM number is L.46.
  • There is a Conservation Study and KHA History notes for this hut.

Г‚ Last updated 6th Sept 2020.