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Photo of Schlink Hilton Hut
Photo of Schlink Hilton Hut
Located in a very popular spot, 2km west of Schlink Pass (1805m) pass between the Guthega/Munyang Valley and the plains heading to Jugungal. 

photo Olaf Moon 1975

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Brief History

Schlink was built in 1960-61 by the SMA as a major location for powerline maintenance, road building and storage. It was named for its size and its location.

At various times, the rear (east) end of the hut has been closed to the public, for no good apparent reason. While it was opened for about two years in the early 2000's, it is now closed again.

A magnificent pump-out toilet has also been built nearby, in a position that makes photographing the hut from the road, more difficult.


Schlink is 14m by 7m with eleven rooms. The walls are of fibro and the roof of iron. The floor is of wood and the interior is lined with masonite. There are 14 windows and an outside toilet.

Caretakers - The Gourmet Walkers


  • Hueneke Pp 33
  • KHA reference number is 2432
  • KNP POM Schedule is L.111.

transferred 5th March 2010

Download the 3D Model for Google Earth here.