Condition: Good

RoundMountain2 Easter2006 MichelleWatson
RoundMountain2 Easter2006 MichelleWatson
Located about three kilometres from the Round Mountain carpark, west of Selwyns Quarry.

Photo: Michelle Watson, 2006

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Brief History

The hut was first built in the early 1930s and burnt to the ground in the early 1940's. This one replaced the first, and was built right beside the old shell.

It was rebuilt in the 1940s by Faulkner and Whitehead, and used for grazing purposes. If you walk out the back to the dunny, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Mt Jagungal.


A large hut at 7m by 4.2m, it is built of sawn timber, with a roof and walls of corrugated iron. The floor is timber. There is an iron chimney on an external timber frame, and one window. An external toilet also exists.

Caretakers - Adelong Rural Fire Service


Hueneke Pp140-141

KHA Reference number is 2322

KNP POM is L.19. A written history exists but no Conservation Plan.