Kosciuszko National Park Huts

Photo of Verandah CampLocated on the Geehi Valley side, on the maintenance track to Siren Song and Opera House Hut. This is the last of the many buildings that used to occupy this spot.

Courtesy of Olaf Moon, 2000

Located on the plains between Tantangara Dam and Gooandra Homestead. It is accessible by a 7km walk from Tantangara dam, or from the Snowy Mountain highway, or from Hains or Gooandra.

vickerys and shed 02Vickerys is in the west of KNP, on Jounama Creek, up towards Talbingo and accessible from an un-marked firetrail off the Snowy Mountains Highway. After walking in about 500m, note a newer firetrail heading off to the left, down into a gully - this goes directly to the hut, over a hill.

The hut was destroyed in the January 2020 bushfires.

Photo: Olaf Moon, 2002

Photo of Wolgal HutLocated in Pollocks Gully at Kiandra.

Located about six kilometres south of Tooma Reservoir and under the Big Dargal.

Photo: J Mandl, March 2015

Yan's Store is probably the most famous building in Kiandra, but is now just a few chimneys, having been removed by the NPWS in the 1980's.

Cabramurra 1:50 000 mapsheet.

Photo: NPWS 1976

Photo of Whites River Hut in the snowLocated in the Munyang Corridor, almost at the Schlink Pass.

Hut was accidentally burnt on 23 July, 2010. It was restored by NPWS staff and KHA volunteers over the Spring/Summer of 2010/2011.

Photo: Carolyn Delicata 2002.

Photo of Yellow Bog Hut No. 1Located along the Yellow Bog creek, west of the Cabramurra to Khancoban Road.

Greg Greg 1:50 000 mapsheet

Photo: Charles Warner, 1992

windy creek73.lbLocated on the Rolling Grounds, above Whites River.

Geehi Dam 1:50 000 mapsheet.

Photo: Laurie Bell, 1973

Photo of Yellow Bog No. 2 Hut 1991Located near to Yellow Bog 1, near the Yellow Bog Creek and west of the Cabramurra to Khancoban road. 

Greg Greg 1:50 000 mapsheet.