Kosciuszko National Park Huts

Located at The western side of the park, a few kilometres west of the Geehi Flats area.

Photo of Moulds Hut in nineteen seventy fiveLocated near Spencers Peak, west of Eucumbene Dam and in the east section of the Jagungal Wilderness.

Jagungal 1:50 000 mapsheet

Photo: Reet Vallack, 1975

Located at the northern end of the Kerries ridge in a glade of large snowgums with views to Mt Jagungal to the north. Some old yards sit below the hut and footpads lead to it (in summer!)

Napthalis House

Also known as Snowy Plains House.

Nimmo Plains 1:50 000 mapsheet

Photo of Merambego hut in nineteen seventy threeLocated in the far south Byadbo Wilderness. This is a site only, with the footplate and chimney remaining.

Tombong 1:50 000 mapsheet

Photo: unknown 1973

Nine Mile hut Horvath KHA 1953 GoodLocated south of Selwyn. This was a substantial mining site, with buildings located along the valley. None now remain.

Cabramurra 1:50 000 mapsheet

Photo: unknown 1953

Located on Long Plain, about 1Km off the Port Phillip Fire Trail, to the south. There is no track to the hut, although one is forming as more people visit. ?The pad follows the creek.?

(NO PHOTO) Located in The Gungarlin Valley - destroyed by fire.

Jagungal 1:50 000 mapsheet

Photo of Montagues Hut in nineteen seventy nineDeliberately burnt down in 1986.

Photo: KHA Archives, 1976

Photo of O'Briens or Bradleys Hut

Also known as Bradleys and O'Briens, or just Bradleys Hut, but the family believe this to be the most appropriate name.

The hut is located conveniently at the roadside of the Cabramurra to Khancoban Road.

The hut was destroyed in the January 2020 bushfires.

Kosciusko 1:100,000 mapsheet

Photo: Narelle Irvine, 2010