Photo of Demandering HutDemandering or Curtis hut is located a few kilometres down the fire trail from the Mt Clear homestead site, in the Naas Valley. It is shown on the Colinton Map.

Also known as Curtis Hut, Curtis Refuge or Mt Clear Hut.

Photo: KHA Archives.


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Brief History

Curtis was built about 1945 by Bill Cotter and Jack Simpson, and named after the Cotter family property, Demandering. After the sale of land in 1956, it became and outstation hut to the Mt Clear Station, owned by the Curtis family.

Since becoming part of the National Park, it has become better known as Curtis Hut, but the Curtis's called it the Mt Clear Hut.


Curtis Hut is small and built from sawn timber, clad in corrugated iron. The attached water tank is often a welcome site on a summers day. The hut is well off the ground, and the base is clad with stone, making it more than durable.


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  • Mathew Higgins

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