Namadgi National Park Huts

Photo of Demandering HutDemandering or Curtis hut is located a few kilometres down the fire trail from the Mt Clear homestead site, in the Naas Valley. It is shown on the Colinton Map.

Also known as Curtis Hut, Curtis Refuge or Mt Clear Hut.

Unfortunately the hut was destroyed in the January 2020 bushfires. 

Photo: KHA Archives.

Photo of Horse Gully HutHorse Gully is located at the southern end of the Naas Creek valley on a small cleared flat. The hut is on the Colinton 1:25000 map.

Also known as Horse Gully 2.

Photo: KHA

Photo of Forestry Hut Namadgi National Park

Located under Mt Coree off a branch of Warks Road.

Photo: Olaf Moon 1989

Hospital Creek 92

Locating Hospital Creek is quite difficult, but is near that creek! Follow the same road from the Yankee Hat car park, past the turn off to Franks Hut, and continue up the hill. An indistinct path leads off to the left, right from a sharp right hand corner. The track to the hut used to allow vehicles, but is now quite overgrown. The hut is about one kilometre into the valley.

The hut is on the Yaouk 1:25000 map.

Also known as Franks or Franks Wartime.

Photo courtesy of Olaf Moon, 1992

Franks Hut is a small weatherboard cottage located beside the old pine forest (much of it now removed) between the Yankee Hat carpark and Mt Gudgenby.

 Not actually in Namadgi Nationla Park ,but it is in the ACT.

Location: This hut was on the Laurel Camp Road, Pierces Creek Forest.

Photo of the Glendale ShedHidden on a hill, about 1.5kmn behind the NPWS Glendale Depot.

Lutons Crutching Shed is almost on the southern boarder with NSW and is at 756333 on the Tantangara 1:100,000 map. It is a good day walk up a grassy valley, with options to climb nearby peaks for the energetic.

Photo of Gudgenby cottageGudgenby Cottage is a charming building, located about 300m from the main Gudgenby Homestead. A separate entrance road runs off the old Boboyan Rd, (to the Yankee Hat carpark and trailhead.)

Photo of Max and Berts HutHidden in the Booth Range, Namadgi National Park. The hut just survived the 2003 bushfires. Should be, but is not shown on the Colinton map. 

This is the second hut on this site.

Also known as The Banks Hut.

Unfortunately the hut was destroyed in the January 2020 bushfires. 

Gudgenby HomesteadLocated in the Namadgi National Park, about 1km from the Canberra to Adaminaby Road, connected by its own access, near the bridge and intersection with the old Boboyan Rd. Shown on the Rendezvous Ck 1:25,000 map.

Photo: KHA

Mt Franklin Chalet 91Located near to the summit of Mt Franklin, and just off the road from Piccadilly Circus to Mt Ginini.

Tidbinbilla 1:25,000 map.

This hut was burnt down in the January 2003 bush fires, being the single most significant cultural heritage loss in these fires for Namadgi. It was replaced by a large corrugated iron interpretive shelter.

Photo: Olaf Moon, 1991