Burnt Hut is a site only in the northern end of the Gungahlin valley. It’s on private land and at GPS UTM 635650 6001055. There are no relics at the site. 

The site of Burnt Hut is about 250m west of the Gungarlin River and 3 metres south of the fenceline that runs east-west in the north west area of the river. There are two piles of stones at the north and south ends. It’s about 8 x 5 metres in an N-S alignment.

This information was provided by Graham Scully who was shown it by the Bolton’s.

The hut is supposed to have been built by John Bolton ~1895. It’s shown on the SMA 1:63360 1961-76 map as being west of Kelly’s Hut.

Note about Fenceline west of Gungarlin

The border fencelines along part of the Gungarlin River are totally out of alignment with the mapping. On the topo maps, there is a section of KNP that goes east down to the Gungarlin River. However there is a new gate in the fenceline and a well used 4WD north then west to not so old stockyards and then a border fence. The border fence appears roughly N-S (10deg true to the north) and is 1Km west of Gungarlin. The topo maps show the fenceline along the Gungarlin River. The Stockyards are at GPS UTM 635006 6001582

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