Located below Nimmo Hill in the Snowy Plains area. Found at (not shown new Nimmo Plain 1:25,000 map or old Eucumbene 1:50,000 map) GPS 641350 5992744. This hut and gate to the property is locked.

Also known early on as Jim Bolton's Hut


Built in 1915 by Jim Bolton, "famous axe man from the high country", a plaque on the door says that it was restored in 1995. Now owned by McMillan family, Walter and Poldy Edlinger.


Built from vertical slabs with copper inserts and a corrugated iron roof. A memorial to Bob McMillan stands nearby. He passed away in 2004

Caretakers - Edlinger and McMillan Families.

References -

  • C Doubleday - pers comm
  • Graham Scully 2013 re old photo & Jim Boltons poem

Profile updated June 2014

Bob McMillans Memorial Plaque
Bob McMillans Memorial Plaque

Jim Bolton's Poem

There's Only Two of Us Here

I camped one night in Jimmy hut up on Snowy Plain
I didn't go much on these empty huts, but the night was awfully chilly
So I boiled my billy and had my tea and seen that the door was shut
And I went to bed in any empty bunk at the side of the old slab hut

Now it must have been about 12 o'clock, I was feeling cosy and warm
And at the foot of the bunk I seen a horrible ghostly form
It seemed in shape like half an ape, and a head like a chimpanzee
But what the hell was it doing there, and what does it want with me?

Then it gave a moan and a horrible groan that curdled my blood with fear

"There's only two of us here" it says, "there's only two of us here"
You may say if you please that you had DT's or call me a bloody liar
But I wish you had seen it as plain as me, with its eyes like coals of fire

I kept one eye on the hold hut door, and on that awful brute
I only wanted to dress myself and get to the door and scoot
But I couldn't find where I left my boots, so I hadn't a chance to
"There's only two of us here" it says with a horrible leer

I hadn't a thing to protect myself, nor even a rock or stone
"There's only two of us here" it says again, with a horrible moan
I thought I'd better make some reply, though I reckoned my end was near
"By the Holy Ghost" I said "when I find my boots, there'll only be one of us here."

I gets me hands on me 'lasticsides and out through the door I scoot
And I lit the whole of the hillside up with the sparks from my flying boots
I haven't camped in a hut since then, and I tremble and shake with fear

When I think of that awful form that moaned "there's only two of us here"

 Photos: Above top. McMillans Hut front. G Hutchison 2014, below it. Memorial plaque Greg Hutchison 2014; then. Hut plaque Craig Doubleday 2006

jim boltons hut snowy plain
jim boltons hut snowy plain



Photo: Right old photo was taken by Graham Scully of Ossie Bolton (L) and Harold Hedger