Located on Bulls Peak Ck at Snowy Plains, near to the original Grunnsund hut (Katingal).

Might also be known as Morrells Hut.

The correct name is High Hut. Note that this hut is private and locked.
GPS ref UTM 634034 5997615

High Hut West view 2011
High Hut West view 2011

Brief History

Built with no expense spared in 2000/01. The land was originally owned by Kore Grunnsund who bought it from the Flanagans in 1979. A consortium of two Melb, one Sydney lawyers and John Morrell bought the property from Grunnsund in 1992. They granted Grunnsund the right to continue to use his original hut "Katingal" for as long as he wished.

More details on Kore Grunnsund under hut Katingal

Directly below the new hut the owners have rebuilt an old footbridge across Bulls Peak Ck using part of the frame from Grunnsund's old caravan that burnt down in 2003.

Photos: Greg Hutchison 2011 - High Hut west view and footbridge across Bulls Ck west of the hut


High Hut footbridge
High Hut footbridge

Steel and iron. A helicopter helped install the roof trusses as well as carry other material to site. Kevin Biilman carpenter from Berridale worked on the construction.


  • Correspondence with Stuart McDougall (Sydney solicitor and co-owner)

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