Site only in Snowy Gap near the Warren west of Nimmo Homestead shows. 

Exact location unclear but around GPS UTM 644112 5995683

Also may have been known as The Warren or Jim Bolton's Hut

Was a stockmens' hut built on private property called the 'Warren' outside the park in the 1930’s as cattlemens rest enroute to high country.

Apparently a 12 year old girl died of burst appendix here, as heavy snow prevented her from being taken to a doctor. A plaque placed near grave “REST IN PEACE”, erected by Harold Hedger and the Kosciusko Huts Association 13th February 1988.

The hut was dismantled for materials in November 1985 and donated to KHA (the donation was unused and returned to the donors later at their request).

5 x 3m vertical slab hut with an iron roof and timber floor.

References The Broadhead family Margaret Denley (KHA file 50072)

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