There is a large group of huts along the Gungarlin River, on the Snowy Plains, south of Lake Eucumbene, which are not in the Kosciuszko National Park. 

Visitors should note that these are all on private land, or private leases, and that entrance may or may not be possible. Some are open in the tradition of the high country, but many are not and are locked.

The following statement is from the doocument "Statement of Environmental Effects: Proposed development of a 30MW wind farm on the Snowy Plains, NSW 2005", and gives gives some background and historical perspective to these huts in this beautiful area

The document ppgs 73-74 says "The grazing of the Snowy Plains has historical significance beginning in the 1830's and was the earliest use of the Snowy Mountains by Europeans (Geehi Walking Club, 2001). Grazing continued in Kosciuszko National Park for 130 years when in 1967 grazing was prohibited in the national park. As such, the landscape has a unique pastoral and subalpine landscape character. The scattering of huts and fences provides unique and interesting cultural features that are dotted throughout the landscape. This integration of the pastoral and natural alpine is unique as Snowy Plains is one of the remaining alpine areas that is still grazed in New South Wales.

The huts within the immediate area include Biillmann's Hut (located on the development property), Jardine's Hut, McMillan's Hut, Davey's Hut, Wroe's Hut and Amos' Hut. The huts enhance the cultural landscape portraying past landuse practices of cattleman and cattle grazing in the area. The structures are simple bush type architecture, constructed mainly of timber with one or two rooms and a fireplace. The huts provide a unique reference to past and existing landuses; Jardine's Hut and other surrounding huts define the cultural landscape"


Flynn's Hut (no other information held). 

Bulls Peak Ck Huts

Many of these huts are now used by groups or individuals as ski lodges or similar. Many do not mind walkers walking through to get to the national park. However most of the huts are locked. Some such as Flanagans (Bulls Peak Lodge property) and Wallaces (off the Cesjacks Road) can be used in an emergency