Located about three kilometres west of the summit of Mt Wellington behind Hobart.



The Thark Ridge Hut on Mt Wellington behind Hobart, Tasmania, was built around 1900-1901 by H. R. Hutchison and party who were surveying the area with respect to its ability to supply water to Hobart.

H. R. Hutchison became the first president of the Ski Club of Tasmania in 1926.  The hut was later used as a base for skiing in the 1920's. Two other mountain huts were built as part of that water survey.

The hut was burnt down in the 1967 bushfires that devastated Hobart. The chimney remains standing.

Walks to the area by the Hobart Bushwalking Club were a short distance and regularly referred to in their journal as "The Thark Lark" for that year.

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The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Wednesday 28 July 1926 Page 9 of 12
At a meeting held last, night, it was decided to form a club to advance the in- terests of ski-ing in Tasmania, to be known as the Ski Club oí Tasmania.
The meeting, which was convened by Mr. V. C. Smith, although small, was enthusiastic, and the opinion was expressed that once the existence of the club became known, many more members would join.

The convenor, in explaining the objects of the club, said that there were severa! ways in which the interests of ski-ing could be forwarded. First, they should get In touch with other clubs, and by making known the fact that Tasmania presented a good ground for ski-ing, attract members of mainland clubs. In this way they would not only assist Tasmania, but would improve the standard of ski-ing by learning, first hand things which most of them were now learning from books. The club could also arrange to encourage those who would take up ski-ing, but did not know how to start. They could, perhaps, make arrangements for more experienced members to give in- struction. He felt sure that if they could gain publicity, and let people on the main- land know that Tasmania possessed possibilities as a winter sports ground, more tourists would be attracted to the State.

Mr. H. R. Hutchison was voted to the chair, and it was formally decided to form a club. The following officers were ap- pointed:-President, Mr. H. R. Hutchison; vice-president Mr. V. C. Smith secretary and treasurer, Mr. M. Urquhart; committee, Messrs. E. T. Emmett, R. Brettingham-Moore, F. P. Bowden, jun., E. Ward, G. Chapman, and Miss N. Hutchison;

The subscription fee was fixed at 5s.,   and the committee was given the power to alter this, if occasion warranted. The committee was directed to draw up rules of membership, to be presented to the club at its next meeting:

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