Located in the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park.

Brief History

In the late 1970s it became obvious that bushwalking in Tasmania would become an international attraction, and the Tasmanian Government decided to encourage more walkers to visit a number of the National Parks in Tasmanian, in particular, the South West National Park, thereby reducing presssure on Cradle Mountain NP.

In addition, they determined that there was an opportunity for walkers with greater means, and less time and experience, to be introduced to the Cradle Park, via commercial walking tours.

Ken Letona's Cradle Huts won the contract, via tender. Cradle Huts also runs guided walks to the King William NP and Bay of Fires Lodge.

The picture above is of the first hut of six on the overland track, near Waterfall Valley. These huts are well hidden, off the track, to avoid causing concern for those people who wish to walk and camp.