Located at the start of the track to Mount Eliza.

Also known as High Camp Memorial Hut or the Mt Anne Hut

Brief history

The Mt Eliza hut was built by the Hobart Walking Club (HWC) between 1971 and 1974. It was dedicated to three well known club members, all of whom had died in varying circumstances about that time. They were Agnete Damgaard, Olegas Truchanas and John Plaister. Olegas was known in particular for his spectacular photography, but he unfortunately perished in a canoing accident on the Franklin River.

Construction of the hut was a torrid affair, with materials (including bags of cement) being carried some thousands of feet up the spur to the hut. The location was chosen for its immediate proximity to the summit of Mt Eliza, and as a key stepping off point for walkers climbing Mt Anne, or walking the exposed Mt Anne circuit.


The hut was built from local stone, to stand the blasts from the winter westerlies. None the less, the walls needed special proofing to keep the rainwater out. The roof is of cliplock iron.

Photo: Tania Flood drinking tea while fog bound in 1991 (Photo: Chris Lloyd)

Caretakers - Hobart Walking Club


  • J. Moon, J Cannon, D Sisson - all pers comms.

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