Located behind the Thumbs in the Gordonvale.

Brief History

Gordonvale was the infamous home of the King of Rasselas, Ernie Bond. Ernie was a cartage contractor, and commonly carried incredible loads on his back from Hobart or Lake St Clair, to the West Coast. Loads over 120 pounds weight (about 60 kilograms) were common for him.

He retired to Gordonvale, and in his later years, lived there through the summers, and wintered at Glenorchy. He was famous for his hospitality, and grew his own vegetables and brew. Visitors were in for a wild time when they called in, as many did.

Gordonvale homestead is now almost a ruin, and may be just saveable - surely a goal for someone. It was effectively derelict by the late 1970's with "the office" the last building standing.

It is situated behind Mt Field National Park, in the Florentine Valley.


Classic split pine shingles (walls and roof) over wood frame, in true Tasmanian Style.


A lease on the area is currently owned by a Sydneysider, and is being transferred into the Southwest National Park.


  • The Hermit of Gordon Vale by Keith Lancaster (himself famous as a walker - 1947 - webbed by Dirk Veltcamp.
  • The Tasmanian Tramp Annual collection of the Hobart Walking Club.

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