Located about 400m west of the "big bend" on the Mt Wellington summit road, Hobart.


Also known as Moon's Hut and Friends' School Hut.

Proud new hut. Photo: Olaf Moon, 1971


Brief History

The Scout hut was built in a very hidden position on Mount Wellington in 1969, and approved "unofficially" by the bailiff in 1971, without a lease. The bailiff, Mr R Stean, put the lease application into the pending tray, where it sat until he passed away in 2001. It is just outside the Wellington State Park.

The original building was designed as a two story skiing hut, and built by six teenagers from the 8th Hobart (Friends' School) Scout troop, Olaf Moon, Phillip Prebble, Robert Cripps, Greg Hughes, Stephen Mee and Guy Clift who completed it to the shutters in summer 1971.

The hut is also known by other names and was formally listed by the Hobart City Council in its heritage register of buildings on Mt Wellington, in 2001, with the agreement of the original designer, Olaf Moon.

The photo above was taken in January 2003. It shows the need for minor restoration of the windows and some iron. The main window was replaced with transparent corrugated material on 18 Jan 2003, and a latch fitted to the door.

A sustantial footpad now runs to the hut from the Collins Bonnet fire trail, in a position that is different from the original access. Commence at the Mt Wellington Road, "big bend". The photo below was taken in August 1971.


The hut was built on substantial stone footings to stop damp and rot. At the corner, they stand about 1.5m high and required the manhandling of over 1.5 tonnes of stone.

The floor is tongue and groove boards, with a trap door. The walls and roof are corrugated iron, with an inset of corrugated fibreglass. The materials came from a Federation home being demolished in West Hobart and owned by one of the boys.

The hut frames were pre-manufactured on-site and raised as complete units, to create the unusual two story construction. One was bolted to the stone wall, with the hole being drilled over a full day using a hand-held star drill and hammer.

Repairs in 1975, Photo: Olaf Moon

Originally a magnificent iron stove was installed, but this was smashed by vandals and replaced with a small fireplace and flue.



  • Hobart City Council Files - 2000.
  • Olaf Moon - original slides of the hut construction and plans.

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