Located on Mt Wellington 

Also known as The A Frame, Tysons or Lost World Hut.

Brief History

Sama was built in 1968 and 1969 by Jeff Tyson, with assistance from his brother and a friend. Its unusual A Frame style was well suited to the snow and rain high on Mt Wellington.

Tyson carried all the main timbers for the floor and the iron for the roof, from the track head in Glenorchy to the site, quite an undertaking at the time.

Olaf Moon, 2003

Initially the hut was locked. It was "discovered" by 8th Hobart Venture Scouts in 1969, much to the chagrin of Tyson.

It was later well used by rock climbers in the Lost World, who are reputed to have re-named as Sama in about 1984. The origin of the word is not known. The hut is only 210m from the Scout Hut, but visitors to each rarely know of the other, as the terrain between is particularly rugged.

Access is via the Glenorchy walking track, or by turning left from the "main ledge" on the Lost World track, before it heads off over the cliff.


Sama is set up on a stone platform and has a wooden floor, the roof and chimney is of corrugated iron, set in an A frame shape, allowing for a sleeping platform on a second story. There are four bunks on the ground floor.

Last Updated 20 January 2003.