Located in the Central Plateau, on the way to Walls Of Jerusalem National Park.


Brief History

Nicholas Miles selected a plot on Dublin Plain in 1929, and built the first hut here, after successfully adjisting cows during the depression, for other farmers in Deloraine. The first rough shelter was built above the present site in 1934, and was one amongst about four huts built by Nicholas in the area.

His son, Boy Miles fresh back from the horrors of Changi Camp, built the present hut with Dick and Alistair Walters in 1946, from a single "splitting" log. The hut had neither chimney nor window at that point. The snow was particularly heavy that year, but they made a good profit from trapping animals for their skins.

Boy also built the Lake Ball hut in 1968, following the burning down of Arthur Youd's old hut at the eastern end of the lake.

The hut has since been rebuilt with Tasmanian Government money.

L-R Mike Purvis, Chris Lloyd and Garry Simmons in December 1986 (Photo: Tania Flood)


Split paling walls, with originally shingles, now an iron and paling roof.

Caretakers Mountain Huts Preservation Society

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