Located at Tiger Lake, Walls of Jerusalem NP. On the Mersey map at about 404 736.

Also known as Solitary Man's Hut.


Solitary Hut was built in 1983 by a Vietnam Veteran from Launceston in the Walls of Jerusalem NP without permission from NPWS. He was seeking Peace of Mind, from the pressures of life.

There is only enough room for one person on the 'mezzanine' floor while the ground floor is fairly roughly cobbled. The unusual stone platform on the northern side of the hut was used by the hut's builder as a weightlifting bench. He brought a full set of weights into the hut and pumped iron in this rustic setting.


It is of stone construction with a tin roof in A Frame format.

Caretaker - unknown.


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Last updated 26 September 2003.