Lake Ina Hut is at Lake Ina, Central Plateau Conservation Area. Located at 394 473 on the Nive map.


History Lake Ina Hut was built in 1973-4 by a small group of fishermen and walkers in a log-cabin style using native pines felled in the area. Most (if not all) of the group have since left.

It is in a small secluded cove near the northern end of Lake Ina. The use of a tarp as the door has always been a major problem as there is no way of preventing possums from making themselves at home. In the 1990s Thad Sasser a teacher from Ogilvie High School (now retired) did some maintenance on the hut .


Log Cabin, made from locally found pine. Only a tarp is used for the door.

Last updated 25 June 2003.