Located on the Central Plateau above the eastern shores of Pillans Lake and shown on the Pillans map at GR551720. 

Brief History

A full Conservation Study was completed for this hut in July 2003, by Austral Archaeology - Ian Terry and David Parham- for the PWS of Tasmania.

Aboriginal tribes inhabited this area for 10,000 years, on a semi-permanent basis.

The first European visitors to the Central Plateau were Wedge, Jorgensen, Beaumont and Robinson between 1817 and 1831 and the first two visited Pillans Lake. The Pillans Lake area was grazed by the Allison family from the early 1900's until the lease was taken over by Reg Dixon in 1972. Recreational fishing spread throughout the area, after trout fingerlings were released into Great Lake in 1870, and moved throughout the Ouse River system, including Pillans Lake by 1890.

In 1963, Steve Kerrison extended a road already built by the Hydro Electric Commission to Lake August in he 1950s, to Pillans Lake. Max Langham, Ron Dent, Max Collins, Terry Dando and their sons undertook the construction. In 1967, Cliff Turner bulldozed an extension to Lake Field and Lake Julian. The Pillans Julian Track became a very popular fishing route.

Kerrisons hut was built by Steve Kerrison and his friends, in 1963 as a base for angling, at the end of the '63 track. Construction was undertaken by Gordon Ibbott Pty Ltd and Hume and Kerrison Ltd of Launceston. The hut was originally locked, but anyone could collect the key in Launceston if they wished to visit. A log book recorded the best catches.

In June 1978, Kerrison and Hume applied for a license for the hut on the site. The license may never have been granted, but four years later, Stephen offered the hut to the Lands Department. The hut stands well in the current day.


A three room hut, of modest size with corrugated iron walls and gable roof over sawn timber frame. The floors are of timber and the footings of stone. An unlined room is at the western end, and the rest is lined with masonite. A brick chimney is partially collapsed.


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Profile last updated 3 December 2003.