Located at February Plains, between Walls of Jerusalem National Park and embedded in the Cradle Mountain NP east environs.


Built by Basil Steers as a snaring hut. Snaring for possums was very popular and for a few years, very lucrative, using a piano wire slip-loop, hooked onto a sloping log against a tree. The possum followed the log, eating pieces of apple, stuck under the bark and used as bait, until it caught through the wire loop.

After snaring was banned, the hut was used for recreation by local farmers.


Photo: J Robertson, 2003Basil Steers Feb Plains Hut

Vertical timber slabs, with iron gable roof and skillion roof over the verandah.

Caretakers - Local graziers.


  • Simon Cubit books - Snarers and others.

Profile last updated 26 September 2003.