Also known as Vale Hut or Vale of Belvoir Hut


Location is found about 1 kilometre west of Yackandandah hut, on the Vale of Belvoir pastoral lease (just outside the NP). Grid location is confidential.


Back in 1903, the Vale south of Lake Lea was planted with wheat by the Davies family from Victoria whose aim was to grow it in the Canadian style. After a winter when snow piled up to roof level in their hut, they decided it wasn't such a good idea. You can still see the ploughed appearance on the flats south of the lake a century later.

The area was acquired by George Williams from Narrawa (near Wilmot) the next year, and it has remained in his family ever since.

The nearby barn is clearly of much older vintage than the hut. At one stage, Williams even had a cheese factory there with pigs eating the slops. Apparently a thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) was observed lining up at the troughs after the pigs for its share. According to Nic Haygarth in View from the Cradle, the thylacine took a 'liking' to Williams. So he tethered it & took it to his Narrawa property where it accidentally hanged itself on the rope.

There was another hut in the forest on the peninsula on the west side of Lake Lea but it was burnt down in the 1990s.

Last updated 22 August 2006.