Located in Cradle Mountain NP, behind Cradle itself. 

Nearby, is the one of the most photogenic tarns in the world (photographed by National Geographic) and known as Artists Pool.


The hut was built following the tragic death in a blizzard, of two young men from Riverside High School in May 1965. It was built by the combined efforts of the Riverside High School P & F Association, and the Launceston Walking Club, as a memorial to the heroic efforts of club member and teacher Ewan Scott, who died trying to save the life of student David Kilvert. The hut was opened in April 1966 and has since saved a number of lives. A 16 mm film was made about the hut construction which was shown for many years in the Launceston Walking Club's "Do You Know Tasmania" slide shows. This documentary is now available on DVD from the Launceston Walking Club at this link.

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